Project Management

Hydrosphere Technologies has a wealth of experience in the application of engineering technology principles for the project management of environmental, health & safety problems. This experience includes the application of innovative and practical solutions to environmental problems found in industrial and commercial settings. Hydrosphere Technologies staff routinely plan and manage projects that vastly range in size. Our focus is on deploying innovative approaches designed to bring about long-term cost-savings. Projects are managed according to applicable ISO and CSA standards such as ISO14001, ISO 19001, ISO 45001 and CSA Z768-01 (R2016).

Emphasis is placed on critical factors that are often unique to a major environmental project, such as the uncertainty surrounding scope definition for environmental cleanup projects and the evolving environmental regulatory environment. Our staff have the resources and experience to develop environmental project plans, establish project organization and staffing, define management functions, develop time management approaches, resolve project conflicts, determine project effectiveness, implement integrated project management techniques as they relate to environmental project management, perform pricing and cost estimating, establish cost control, set priorities, and perform tradeoff analysis.