Environmental Compliance Audits

Environmental Compliance imageEnvironmental auditing is similar to financial auditing that has been conducted since the early 1900s. Where financial audit verifies that a company’s finances are being managed correctly, the environmental audit ensures that a company’s environmental responsibilities are also being managed correctly.
Hydrosphere Technologies has conducted environmental audits for companies and energy trusts to evaluate their performance against various criteria. The two most common criteria are environmental regulations (federal, provincial, municipal, industry specific, etc.) and the company’s internal management system (environmental, health and safety, industry specific, etc.)

We have helped numerous clients to reduce their exposure to environmental liability through the use of environmental audits. These evaluations have lead to cost savings through the improvement of the company’s management systems and subsequent reduction of environmental impact.

No matter the size of the audit (government, industry or household) or the level of change the audit brings (complex energy saving programs or a recycling program); the cumulative effect of the audit can benefit us all.